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Northgate Urban Center development

The Northgate area will see considerable new development as LINK light rail comes to the northwestern corner of the Maple Leaf neighborhood. Thousands of new residents and dozens of new businesses are planned in both public and private developments. If this development is done thoughtfully, it will be an exciting complement to our neighborhood's NW corner. If the development is done poorly, it will mean the beginning of the end for livability and quality of life in the Maple Leaf neighborhood.

It is vitally important you get involved and stay informed. This page will be used to track Northgate-area projects and issues. You should also sign up for our land use email list.

Please read the Maple Leaf Community Council's comprehensive letter to area stakeholders concerning transportation changes and new development in the Northgate Urban Center. Click here to access the letter.

We will be updating this page periodically with additional information.

Northgate Urban Center documents
A map showing the Northgate Urban Center boundaries (big file) as well as different City of Seattle "study areas".

In response to planned new development arriving at Northgate, the Northgate Coordinated Transportation Improvement Plan (CTIP) was developed (complete 364-page document here). Funding for the plan has been difficult to find.

A listing of the various plans for northgate is located here, including the Northgate Neighborhood Plan (large PDF) .

Property owners in the Northgate area are asking for significant new upzones so they can build bigger buildings than originally contemplated by current zoning. The developers propose to handle upzones individually through a Legislative Rezone. The Maple Leaf Community Council strongly disagrees (one of our letters on the subject). Instead, we agree with the Seattle Department of Planning and Development's (DPD) proposal to address all the upzones via a single Contract Upzone. The MLCC-EB believes a contract rezone is the best way to accomplish a walkable, livable Northgate Urban Center.

The City has published an Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) on this area and proposed upzones. The final EIS (2009) is located here. There is an updated "addendum"SEPA analysis to this EIS recently published by DPD.

Northgate LINK light rail station project
Sound Transit's LINK light rail is headed to Northgate with a planned opening date in 2021. The next station north (Mountlake Terrace) is supposed to open two years later (2023). There are a number of issues affecting Maple Leaf connected with LINK coming to Northgate.

For two years, Northgate will be the northern terminus of LINK. This increases the likelihood people will drive to Northgate to ride LINK to UW, Downtown, or points south. As those who visit the Northgate station currently are aware, there is a shortage of parking. Federal money accepted by Sound Transit requires a net increase of 1,000 spots in the area, but this can be accomplished in a number of ways. Minimizing the impact of parking overflow in and around the residences and businesses of NW Maple Leaf is one of our priorities.

King County owns important parcels of land near the LINK station. They are looking to heavily develop these properties. The MLCC is advocating for a significant affordable housing component to these properties, particularly since private developer proposals north of Northgate currently remove hundreds of low-income units. King County has commission three market studies to help inform their decisions. Those are available here, here, and here.

Sound Transit has collected documents related to the "North Corridor" on this page. This has documents for more than just the Northgate station. Another link here collects some of the Northgate-specific documents (scroll down the page just past halfway).

There is a City of Seattle LIght Rail Review Panel (LRRP) who meets to provide guidance on design and other aspects of the Northgate LINK station. You can see their page here and Sount Transit's November 2011 "30% design" presentation here.


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